What Items Should be Stored in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

by BlueMountain Self Storage

When you are looking to move or store some items in the long term, there are some factors you should take into consideration, including light exposure, humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors. To that end, the storage industry has developed climate-controlled and temperature-controlled storage units. 

While the two terms are mostly used interchangeably, there are vast differences between the two, and the safety of your items depends on making the right decision. Climate-controlled units are the most popular form of storage, especially in the self-storage sector, as they keep items at a constant temperature and levels of humidity. On the other hand, temperature-controlled units use industrial HVAC systems to keep their temperature within a fixed range of temperature. 

Below are items that can be stored in a climate-controlled storage facility.

Artworks and Craft Supplies

While storing such pieces inside file cabinets and diameter tubes can keep artworks safe, it is always not enough. Artwork should be stored in temperatures ranging between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit at a humidity of around 50%, which is easy to achieve in climate-controlled storage units. 

Apart from artwork, you could also store craft supplies to maintain their quality. Exposure to extreme temperatures can make the canvas shrink, and high humidity levels can lead to mildew and mold growth. Other crafting materials like sewing machines can also be damaged under extreme temperatures. 

Antiques and Special Collections

If you have any special collections under your care, storing them inside a climate-controlled storage unit may be the right call. The main goal of a special collection of antiques is to preserve the item's quality for many years, meaning they must be placed in a controlled climate to avoid degradation. 

Special collections can range from toys, currencies, among many other collectibles that need protection against any damage. Coins, for example, are known to oxidize, tarnish, and turn into dark colors if they are not stored in a conducive climate. Stamps can also curl and stick under high levels of humidity and temperatures, depreciating their value immensely.   


Delicate Documents

Businesses or individuals who produce large quantities of paperwork, such as the consultancy industry, should consider storing their business documents and inventory in a climate-controlled storage facility. In such a unit, the documents are well preserved without the risks of getting dissolved, discolored, faded, or rotten due to humidity. An ideal storage solution should have below 30% humidity and protect your documents from UV light.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

When storing pharmaceutical supplies, samples, and other inventory, look for storage facilities with amenities that can preserve and protect your items. When medical and pharmaceutical supplies are stored under normal conditions, they tend to degrade. If you want to store such supplies, check your prescription packaging to confirm the storage instructions that typically place the recommended temperature range at around 55 and 80 degrees year-round. 

Household Appliances and Electronics

Electronic and mechanical components are among some household appliances sensitive to extreme exposure to hot and cold temperatures. Such conditions facilitate the right environment for rust and cracks to permanently damage the gadgets as well as the growth of mold and mildew due to high humidity levels. 

Additionally, if you are looking to store or move wooden or leather furniture, a climate-controlled unit is a must. In cold temperatures, wood tends to contract and expand in hot conditions, which eventually leads to damage over time. Wooden items require additional treatment against parasites by polishing the wood with oil to maintain its shine. 

On the other hand, leather products shrink in conditions with high humidity and warp in the summer due to high temperatures. You can store leather products in a climate-controlled environment to maintain their shape.

Gone are the days of lock and key storage. At Blue Mountain Self Storage, our facilities are all climate-controlled and can be accessed by Bluetooth from your smartphone. Contact us today for more information about our storage solutions. 

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