10 Tips for Storing Valuables in a Storage Unit

by BlueMountain Self Storage

When you're moving out, renovating your living space or looking to clear up space in your house, you're better off storing your valuables outside your home. As homeowners, we all want to ensure our most prized possessions and items of high sentimental value are safe 24/7. It's not possible to do that at your home without cluttering it; that's why you need to make use of a storage unit.

If you're looking to store your valuables safely, a storage unit is your most reliable and cost-effective option. Here are 10 top tips for storing valuables in a storage unit:

1. Ensure The Unit Is Spotless and in Good Condition

Before loading your high-value items into the unit, ensure the space is clean and dry. Before storing your valuables, always inspect the walls, corners, and ceilings for cracks or leaks. Make sure to also clean your valuables before you begin storing them up in your storage unit.

2. Stack Boxes According to Fragility

 To keep your boxes from crushing one another:

  • Stack them based on fragility and weight.
  • Place the heavier boxes at the bottom and breakables at the top when storing valuables.
  • Install shelving units to use the full height of your storage unit.
  • Keep your glassware and antique items on shelves.

3. Get a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If you're storing temperature- or humidity-sensitive items such as electronic equipment, artwork and family heirlooms, get a climate-controlled storage unit. A climate-controlled storage unit will ensure your climate-sensitive valuables are out of the way of extreme temperatures and humidity, besides preventing mold growth, rusting and concrete moisture absorption.

4. Take Extra Care with Your Artwork

When storing valuables in storage units, be thoughtful about how you store your drawings and paintings. Keep these items upright between horizontal racks to protect them from artwork damage. To prevent them from fading, store the artwork pieces in parts of the storage unit free from direct sunlight.

5. Gather Packing Accessories and Use Uniform Box Sizes

Using furniture covers on your valued furniture will protect it from dust. Using wood pallets to elevate items close to the floor will make a world of difference to the safety of your items. Cushioning materials such as packing peanuts and bubble wrap are essential.


6. Be Careful with Your Kitchen Appliances and Dishware

Be careful and take extra when storing kitchen appliances. If you're storing a stove, refrigerator or microwave, it's recommended that you keep them as clean and dry as possible. Take extra precautions to preserve your dishware, for instance, using inserts.

7. Pack Your Storage Unit Strategically

Store the items you're likely to retrieve soon by the door of your storage unit. Keep the things you can do without for a long while, closer to the back of the unit. To ensure all items are within your reach, be sure to leave a pathway from the front to the back.

8. Label Everything and Keep a Record of It

Use stickers or masking tape to create labels. Labeling boxes will enable you to pack categorically and locate what you're looking for quickly whenever you need to go into your storage unit to grab something. By keeping a detailed record of your valuables, you'll be able to recall what you have stored in your storage unit and where you've stored them.

9. Store Your Jewelry Properly

When you're storing valuables like jewelry in a storage unit, ensure you store it by type so that it's easy to find. Storing jewelry in its original box is ideal because it keeps jewelry from losing its luster.

10. Choose The Best Storage for Your Valuables

Security should be a priority when picking a storage unit for your valuables. Don't just rent a random storage unit. Store your valuable items with a reputable company like BlueMountain Self Storage. BlueMountain Self Storage offers a wide selection of storage units, a wide range of sizes, 24-hour self-storage access, spotless facilities and an incomparable moving and self-storage experience. We put the safety of your items first!

Are you looking for somewhere safe and secure to store your valuables? We are happy to help. Contact our team today! 

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