Top 5 Signs Your Storage Unit is Safe And Sanitary

by Samantha Stanfill

Over 60% of people are afraid to rent a storage unit due to fear of bugs and pests. This fear is one of the biggest storage market turnoffs, but it's something that you can completely avoid. Here are the top signs that your storage unit is safe and sanitary and what to do if any of the warning signs pop up:

1. No Bugs or Pests

The first issue that you want to be aware of is pests. If there are signs of insects or other pests, you can be sure that the units will be affected. When looking at a storage unit to rent, look for signs of droppings or trails inside the unit, but also pay attention to the outside environment. Are there other signs that there might be pests on the property, such as nearby nests or trash that can attract pests? A well-kept facility is less likely to have pest problems, and if any arise, they will treat the issue right away before it affects their clients' property.

2. No Signs of Leaks or Damage 

Another major sign that a unit may not be safe and sanitary is signs of leaks and damage to the property. If there is physical damage to the structures where storage units are, this can be a sign of neglected buildings—and leaks. Leaks cause a lot of problems if you store your belongings in a leaky unit. When you look inside units, look for signs of leaks like the presence of moisture, corrosion of structural steel, and marks from water damage. These leaks can lead to damage to your property and unhealthy problems like mold growth. A good facility will make sure that repairs are done regularly to prevent issues like leaks from happening.

3. No Odd or Unpleasant Odors Present

One of the biggest signs that a unit might be unsanitary is foul odors. This can happen due to things being stored in units that shouldn't be or other issues like spills, leaks, and damage. If there is a problem with odd smells, be careful renting the unit. If you rent a unit and smell odd smells after storing your things, report it to the manager of the facility. They will locate the smell and deal with it to ensure your unit is safe.

4. The Facility Keeps Track of Maintenance and Cleaning

As mentioned before, good facilities will take time to keep their property clean and do regular maintenance and repairs. Ask the facility where you are interested in renting a unit about their maintenance and cleaning records. If they have well-documented records, this often means they care about their facilities and their clients.

5. How to Deal with Unsanitary Storage Unit Problems

Sometimes, you are in a situation where there is a problem with the storage unit. If you believe your storage unit is unsanitary, report the problem to whoever is managing the storage facility at that time. Also, take the time to inspect units before using them and clean them before storing your belongings in them. Doing these few things will help ensure you don't have any problems with an unsanitary storage unit.

Ensure you inspect the unit before you store your stuff to ensure it's safe and doesn't contain any bugs or pests. If you need clean and reliable storage, contact Blue Mountain Self Storage to rent a unit that is always clean and cared for.

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