The Ultimate Apartment Moving Checklist

by BlueMountain Self Storage

Moving can be exciting and overwhelming. There’s so much to do! Before you’re elbow-deep in packing peanuts, let’s make sure you are taking all of the necessary steps to move out of your current apartment.

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Provide Notice

Most, if not all, apartments require at least 30-days written notice for your intent to vacate. First, you should review your lease or contact the complex to verify. If your landlord or property manager is on-site, ask them to sign a copy for you to confirm receipt. Emailed notice can also be sufficient, depending on your landlord.

Book Movers

This is important to do ahead of time, so you are not scrambling at the last minute. Having your reservation booked weeks in advance will be a tremendous relief. If there will be a delay between moving out of your current apartment and moving into your new apartment, reserve a storage unit to keep your belongings until you are ready.

Submit Change of Address

Give yourself a few weeks before the move to notify your bank, credit card company, and landlord of your new address. You can go online to to submit a change of address notice to prevent a delay in service for your mail. Don't forget to notify your utility providers to transfer service if it is a local move.


If there is no damage to the apartment and it just needs a good cleaning, there is a good chance you will get all your deposit back. Do as much ahead of time as possible. Here is a list of things to touch on:

  • Remove nails and screws from walls and fill holes with putty.
  • Vacuum, mop, and dust all rooms and living areas. 
  • Remove soap scum from the shower and tub, and clean the whole bathroom deeply. Don't forget the mirrors!
  • Clean and wipe out all cabinets and drawers.
  • Scrub the oven and stove.

mop the floors

Say Goodbye

Lock up and give the key to your landlord after you do a walk-through inspection with them. Take photos of the move-out condition of the apartment to save your back. It would be best to inquire when you can expect to receive your deposit back and then set a reminder on your phone calendar to follow up.

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