4 Steps to Prepare Your Refrigerator for Storage

by BlueMountain Self Storage

A refrigerator is one of your home's largest and most important appliances. Whether you are storing this appliance for a few days or for long-term storage, there are some steps you need to take to keep the machine safe. Let’s take a look at the four steps you need to take to store your refrigerator properly.

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1. Turn Off the Appliance and Clean It Thoroughly 

To begin the process, you should switch the refrigerator off and drain all liquids from the appliance. This task should be done in advance to allow lines to dry and protect the refrigerator against mildew. Once the fridge has been drained and has had ample time to dry, it should be thoroughly cleaned. Rubber seals need extra attention as these areas typically harbor bacteria.

2. Prepare for Moving

To minimize the risk of damage during transport, spend some time prior to the move to prepare. Electrical cords should be removed or taped to the outside. Removable storage compartments such as drawers and trays should be removed and wrapped in bubble wrap to transport separately. The refrigerator should be moved with the doors closed and a moving blanket or other protective fabric wrapped around the outside and taped. 

3. Make Sure There is Proper Ventilation

When a refrigerator is unplugged, it requires ventilation to avoid mold, mildew, and stale air, which cause obnoxious odors if left for too long. The best way to store a refrigerator in a storage unit or for any length of time is with the doors partially opened for ventilation. This can be done by placing an old towel between the door and the door frame to prevent it from completely closing, then securing it with tape.

4. Protect Against Odors

One of the primary issues with long-term storage is preventing odors from developing in the refrigerator. One solution is to leave an open jar of freshly ground coffee beans inside the appliance. The coffee will counteract stale air and help keep things fresh. This is another reason why cleaning is essential before storing your refrigerator.

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