Small Business Inventory Management: 8 Tips for Utilizing Your Self Storage Unit Fully

by Samantha Stanfill

Small businesses looking to streamline business operations and manage their inventory more comfortably prefer renting self-storage space because it provides an easily accessible, safe, and clean place to keep important items, especially for small businesses who might lack sufficient storage space.

However, if you have no prior experience in inventory management, knowing where to start and how to manage your storage space might seem challenging at first. That's why we compiled some tips to help you utilize a storage unit more efficiently, organize your inventory like a pro, and enjoy added workspace:

1. Maximize Storage Space by Storing Items According to Priority

It all begins with how you sort your inventory. Depending on how fast or not certain inventory sells, place bestselling items closer to the door as the rest of the inventory and seasonal products occupy the back of your storage unit. 

In addition to optimizing your storage space, cut down the time you spend retrieving stored items by placing outfacing labels on boxes.

2. Optimize Your Inventory Distribution with A Map

One of the best ways of ensuring that there is enough room for storing more inventory is the mapping out of your storage unit. The whole point of having a storage map is to make sure your storage space is totally optimized to store more goods. 

Dividing your storage unit into subsections, then placing larger containers in one area and the smaller ones in another makes inventory retrieval easier.

3. Use Containers or Boxes That Fit the Stored Goods

In terms of inventory, storing the goods well in right sized containers or sturdy boxes means you get to find extra spaces you never thought you had in your storage unit. Organize your containers together and stack lighter boxes on top of heavier ones to accommodate more inventory in your storage unit.

4. Add Storage Space in the Unlikeliest of Places

Exploring minimalist options such as the strategic use of shelves along the walls of your unit or the leveraging vertical are surefire ways of increasing storage space while still ensuring your stock is visible and easily accessible should you want to update your stock catalog or account for inventory changes.

5. Move Your Large Shipments Toward the Walls

As you try to maximize the space available, consider altering your unit's setup to increase storage capacity. To make navigating around and accessing inventory in your storage unit easier, make it a point to put smaller containers towards the front and larger ones by the walls. Placing smaller boxes on top of heavier or taller items also gives a clear view of items in your storage unit.

6. Create Pathways

Heaping loads of inventory into your storage unit from the back all the way to the front, leaving no pathways, will always come back to haunt you when items stored at the back are deemed necessary. To cure this, categorize your inventory and leave room for easy access between the various categories.

7. Find A Supportive Inventory Management Software

Regardless of your stock volume, inventory management software is a vital tool when keeping tabs on your small business's inventory. With perks such as improved efficiency and accuracy, you will understand your inventory better thanks to the software. The best part is that it does not cost a fortune; managing your inventory digitally is very cost-effective for small businesses.

8. Choose the Right Facility

Since all storage facilities are not the same, be sure to pick out a facility that has both your safety and that of your inventory top on its priority list. And because inventory grows over time, the right facility should be in a position to provide larger storage space as your small business's storage needs scale up.

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