Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage Units: What's the Difference?

by BlueMountain Self Storage

Storage units are used for several reasons and both indoor and outdoor storage units provide space to store your products and keep items that you don't want to get rid of entirely. However, indoor and outdoor storage units serve different needs, and you need to know their differences to decide what suits you best.

What is Indoor Storage?

Indoor storage units are located in a large building that can be multilevel and are accessed through the hallways. Those at ground level are more accessible and therefore more expensive. Indoor storage units that are at upper levels are a little less accessible and hence cheaper. There are various sizes of units to choose from, starting from 5' x 5' up to 10' x 30.

The storage units are protected, keeping your items safe from environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture buildup, pests, and insects. Indoor storage units also protect your items from theft. It is also possible to save on cost if you opt for those at the upper levels of the building.

However, indoor storage does not give you easy access to trucks, making it more difficult to load and offload. You may also have to maneuver through corners when getting large items such as furniture in and out of the facility.

What to Store in an Indoor Storage

Not everything can be stored in indoor storage. However, anything that is valuable or can deteriorate due to moisture or heat should be stored in climate-controlled spaces. Some of the items to keep in indoor storage units include:

  • Toiletries
  • Makeup
  • Leather
  • Lace
  • Important documents
  • Photographs
  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Media (DVDs, videos, vinyl records, etc.)
  • Medical supplies and medication
  • Collectibles
  • Antiques
  • Wooden furniture

You should also opt for indoor storage if you live in areas that experience extreme humidity or heat unless you have a way of protecting your valuables against the conditions.

What is Outdoor Storage?

Outdoor storage units are drive-up or walk-up units located on the outside, ground level, to make it easy and cheaper for you to load and unload your stuff in and out of the unit. These units have walls, a door, and a specific lock.

There are fewer amenities and no climate control needed, making outdoor storage cheaper than indoor storage. You and your visitors can also access your unit easily and at any time, and there are fewer limitations to what you can store. Outdoor units are also larger and most suitable for short-term storage.

Outdoor storage offers very little protection against pests and extreme weather conditions, making it risky to store sensitive items in them. However, even if there is no extra layer to protect your stuff from theft like with indoor storage, reputable storage companies will ensure that they offer sufficient security.

What to Store in an Outdoor Storage

  • Decorations
  • Tools such as hammers
  • Seasonal furniture
  • Canoes, bicycles, skates, and other sporting equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Bike

Outdoor storage can hold anything that you can keep in your garage but there isn't enough space for it.

Why Blue Mountain is Your Best Option for Storage Units

Blue Mountain Self Storage offers temporary storage for business owners who want to store their items safely and people who need to declutter. They have 100% climate-controlled indoor storage units accessible via Bluetooth technology on your smartphone, so you can monitor your belongings' security 24/7.

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