How to Use Self Storage for Every Season

by Samantha Stanfill

Whether you're moving or your home overflows with stuff you don't need every day, a storage unit can help. In fact, a storage unit can help organize your home throughout each season. Here are some things to consider:


When the temperatures drop, your lawn mower and outdoor furniture become something that takes up too much space. By putting them in storage, you regain much-needed room in your home. The winter months are great for storing all kinds of things, such as:

  • Summer wardrobe
  • Lawn mower
  • Gardening tools
  • Rakes and leaf blower
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Portable grills
  • Bikes, skateboards, and other summer toys
  • Sports cars and convertibles
  • And anything you don't use when the weather is too cold

You want to find the ideal storage location, and in the winter months, you might need to find a storage unit that remains heated. You don't want freezing temperatures to damage your items. If you have an RV or boat that you use in the warmer months, you can find a storage facility with room to park these vehicles. Indoor vehicle storage protects your sports car, convertible, or motorcycle when the weather is too precarious. 


With warmer weather, it's time to trade out storage items. There's an entire list of things you won't use in the warmer weather, and you need the space. You'll probably want to store:

  • Coats
  • Skiing equipment
  • Winter wardrobe
  • Holiday decorations
  • Snowblowers and shovels
  • Snowmobile
  • Ice skating and hockey equipment
  • And other items you won't use again until snow and ice return

You'll want to find a unit that offers drive-up access, so you aren't faced with lugging bulky coats and awkwardly sized holiday decorations all over the place. If you live on the Eastern Seaboard or in the South, you'll want to find a storage unit that offers dehumidification. The humidity can damage items in storage, such as clothing or books. 


When summer arrives, it's time to move or remodel your home. You'll need a storage unit now more than ever. Some things to pack away for the season include:

  • College student dorm furniture, fridge, and other items they don't use while home for the summer
  • Items you need out of the way if you're remodeling
  • Unused school supplies in good condition
  • Covers from a pool, motorcycle, or classic car.

In the summer months, you need to find a climate-controlled storage unit, no matter where you live, but especially if you live in the South. Temperatures in an enclosed space can become brutal and warp or damage your stored items. A building with drive-in access helps keep you cool, and you can avoid sun damage to your skin and personal belongings. 


When the leaves begin to change colors and the temperatures cool off in the evenings, it's time to free your winter wardrobe from storage and place items you aren't going to need over the cooler months. You can store:

  • Beach and pool toys
  • Pool chairs and other items
  • Surfboards, canoes, and kayaks
  • Boats and other watercraft
  • Maintenance equipment for your pool
  • Swimsuits, towels, and safety equipment
  • Summer clothes

You need to make sure that you have the right type of storage space to protect your items until you need them again. If you have a jet ski or boat, you want to find a place with outside vehicle storage. A climate-controlled unit is ideal if your area experiences extreme temperatures. 

At Blue Mountain Self Storage, we're ready to meet your storage needs during any season. Whether you need a unit for a few months or a couple of years, we have you covered. Contact us today!

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