5 Tips to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

by BlueMountain Self Storage

Holiday decorations are wonderful. Not only do they help us set the mood for the holiday, but they are also a great way to give both our home and our yard a temporary redesign. There's just one problem with holiday decorations. What are you supposed to do with them once the holidays have passed and it's time to store the décor?

The good news is that with just a little planning, you can easily store your holiday decorations so they remain in pristine condition and are ready to go next year.

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1. Get Organized

Many people simply toss all of their holiday decorations into a giant box and forget about it until it's time to put the decorations up again the following year. The problem with this plan is that the decoration always ends up in a jumbled heap, many are broken, and putting them up becomes a miserable experience. Sitting down and creating a holiday decoration storage plan before you start taking your current holiday decorations down will reduce your stress and increase your enjoyment the next time you start decorating.

2. Purchase a Clothing Rack

Traditionally, holiday decorations are stored in totes or boxes. In this situation, the traditional approach isn't always the best. Instead of getting a bunch of boxes or totes, invest in a decent-quality clothing storage rack and delegate it for holiday storage.

The clothing rack provides you with a place to hang any holiday wreaths you've collected. Not only does this make the wreaths easier to find, but it also allows them to hold their shape, allowing you to get years of pleasure from them. Before storing your wreaths on the clothing rack, wrap them in a plastic bag which protects them from dust. Since most clothing racks have a shelf, that provides you with extra storage space for other types of holiday decor.

3. Put Your Red Solo Cups to Work

Most people spend hours lovingly wrapping their favorite holiday ornaments in bubble wrap before placing them in a box. When it comes to storing holiday decorations, there's an easier way. Rather than wrapping your small ornaments in packaging, tuck them into a red solo cup which you then place into a tote. Once you've created a layer of cups, place a piece of sturdy cardboard over the cups and start a new layer. You won't believe how much time and space this saves.

4. Water Bottles are Great for Garland

Holiday garlands always pose an interesting storage challenge. It never seems to matter how carefully you pack them, each year when you take them out of storage they're a tangled mess. Rather than putting them into a box and hoping for the best, put your old water bottle to work. Make sure the water bottle is completely dry and slip the strand of holiday beads into the water bottle and cap it. Next year, you can pour the beads out and they'll be tangle-free and ready for display.

5. Wrap Your Lights Around Cardboard

Rather than trying to roll up your lights, cut a box up into strips of cardboard and wrap your holiday lights around the cardboard strips. You can store these strips in a tote. Next year, when you open the tote, the lights will still be neatly wrapped. Simply unspool them from the cardboard and put them up.

Now that you know how to properly store your holiday decorations, are you trying to figure out where to put them? Blue Mountain Self Storage has the solution. Contact us today and learn about how we can provide you with the perfect storage unit for all of your holiday decoration storage needs.

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