How to Move on a Budget

by BlueMountain Self Storage

Moving can be complicated, and even more so when you are limited on funds. To help you reduce your stress financially and emotionally we’ve put together some tips to help you move on a budget. Let’s dive in!

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1. Shop Around For Moving Costs

When it is time to hire a team or if you decide to rent out a truck on your own, make sure you compare the costs and get the best deal available. Most places have several moving companies where you can obtain a quote.

If you are going with the rental truck, compare sizes, miles, and companies to see your overall rental amount. Quotes for movers can be by the load, hour, or number of hands helping. 

2. Get Thrifty With Packing Supplies

While you can go to large home improvement stores and purchase boxes, you have other options to help you save money on packing. First, take advantage of your home packing supplies, such as luggage, bins, and boxes. 

Once you have used what you already have, visit local stores and see if they have some boxes you can get. They will already be broken down, but if you purchase some heavy-duty tape, you can put them back together and start packing up. Visit your local grocery stores and liquor stores for the most robust boxes. 

3. Pack What You Can

While you may have some large stuff that will require the help of movers, you can save the most money by packing what you can and getting it moved and loaded on your own. This is an excellent option for local moves and requires minimal traveling. You can start packing these lighter items once you know you are moving, so it is done when the time comes, and you do not have to pay additional expenses for help packing them. 

4. Invest in a Container

One of the newest trends in moving is packing moving containers so that they can be easily picked up and moved to the new location. This is an excellent option for those making long-distance moves who know they will be moving for a while.

As you strategically pack your home up, you can load your container, organize your items, and stay on schedule with your move. With a container, you can do most of the packing, saving money and time to reduce your overall stress level during this move.

Start packing in the items you don't need right away and stack them from heaviest to lightest so that you can keep damage to a minimum while it is being transported. 

5. Hire For Large Items

Moving on a budget means that if you have to hire out, it should only be for the large items where you need a helping hand. Your appliances, furniture, and artwork are items where it is ideal for getting some help, especially if you can manage the rest of the move on your own. 

Before you hire movers, check on their reviews and hire the most reputable that you can find within your budget. Remember, however, that just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you have to hire the cheapest rate you see. You want a reasonably priced team that will also protect your items. 

Secure Your Storage Today

If you find yourself between moves and need a safe and clean location to store your items, Blue Mountain Self Storage has several available locations to help you get through this transition. For more information, contact us today to see what is available and how we can assist you with your storage needs. New call-to-action


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