How is Technology Used at Self-Storage Facilities?

by Samantha Stanfill

The self-storage industry has been a bit behind when it comes to technology. However, things are radically changing with innovation helping smooth the process and improve your customer experience. From smart self-storage security tools to self-service kiosks, here's how technology is helping shape the self-storage industry for the better.

Self-Storage Mobile Applications 

Mobile technology has also found its way into the storage industry, bringing you the luxury of accessing storage services whenever you need. 

You can conveniently manage your storage unit needs at your own time. Mobile applications allow you to find information about local storage properties, browse unit sizes, and make reservations online. Mobile payments also allow you to make your rental payments conveniently and securely. You can also enjoy site access through technologies that allow one-click access to facility units.

Smart Security Tools

Self-storage security breaches are a common occurrence, especially in facilities that offer class-A self-storage. Thieves will use all the tricks in the box to gain access to your property.

Thankfully, facility owners are also working hand in hand with developers to up their security game. Aside from the basic security tools which include perimeter fencing, gates, and camera surveillance, storage facilities are now going the extra mile when it comes to security upgrades.  Some of the high-tech security tools that you can now find in self-storage facilities include:

  • Smart locks
  • Cloud surveillance
  • Smart lighting
  • Automatic door openers
  • Smart entry access
  • Biometrics

All these are designed to complement basic security tools to enhance security at the facility and ensure that your property does not land in the wrong hands.

How Blue Mountain Self-Storage Can Help

Technology allows seamless access to storage units, with new innovations helping to improve self storage security to protect your belongings. If you would like more information on how technology is being used at our self-storage facilities, contact Blue Mountain Self-Storage today.

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