Hiking In Colorado This Spring

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Are you looking for the perfect way to explore nature and reconnect with the outdoors this spring? If so, Colorado is an ideal destination. With its breathtaking snow blanketing the majestic mountain peaks, amazing wildlife encounters, and vast network of trails just begging to be explored, it's no wonder that hikers flock to this state year after year.

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From challenging treks to calmly strolling along, we've compiled a list of the best places to hike in Colorado with varying difficulty levels depending on your skill level or desired intensity. So, grab your hiking gear (and maybe a friend or two!), hop in your car or RV, and get ready for an amazing journey!

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods, as its name suggests, is one of Colorado's most treasured hiking destinations, and for a good reason. Nestled in the foothills of Colorado Springs, this is a beautiful place with unique sandstone formations that make for some amazing views. The hiking trails here wind through canyons, up hillsides, and around ridges, providing plenty of options for everyone, from beginners to experienced hikers. Spring hiking in Colorado's Garden of the Gods is especially rewarding due to its wide array of wildflowers in full bloom at this time of year. Hikers will enjoy breathtaking sights as they traverse the seemingly endless cliffs and canyons.


Castlewood Canyon

Castlewood Canyon is another great destination for spring hiking in Colorado. Hidden in the grasslands east of Denver, between Elizabeth and Franktown, lies an underrated state park ideal for hiking yet often overlooked in favor of more popular trails on the Front Range. This more than 2,600-acre park features spectacular red rocks, hiking trails, and plenty of wildlife. Spring is a great time to visit Castlewood Canyon, as it provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape. In addition, hiking here is relatively easy, with only moderate elevation gain along the trails. Hikers will enjoy a variety of options, including loop trails, hikes to waterfalls, and even a few challenging climbs up slopes.

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Mount Sanitas 

If you are in the Boulder area, hiking Mount Sanitas must be your top priority. Mount Sanitas is an iconic hiking destination in Colorado's foothills, offering incredible views and great hiking opportunities. With its steep switchbacks and rugged terrain, hiking Mount Sanitas can be quite challenging but incredibly rewarding as well. This spring presents an especially wonderful opportunity for hiking this mountain, as wildflowers are in full bloom at this time of year. Hikers should also be aware of the abundance of wildlife in this area, as deer, elk, and other animals are commonly seen here.


Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is another fantastic hiking destination for those looking to get outdoors during the springtime. The park has plenty of hiking trails for all skill levels and is home to abundant wildlife, including bighorn sheep, elk, and moose. In addition, wildflowers are in full bloom this time of year, providing beautiful views of vibrant color along the trails. Hikers should also be prepared for altitude changes throughout their hike, as many trails will require steep climbs up mountainsides and across ridges. Rocky Mountain National Park provides a fantastic hiking experience with stunning views that won't soon be forgotten. ​​​
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Explore the Best of Colorado's Spring Hikes  

A trip to Colorado during the springtime is the perfect outdoor adventure for hikers of any skill level. Before heading out on an outdoor adventure, remember to bring the right equipment and plan for unexpected weather changes. With extra preparation and knowledge of the terrain, you'll be able to properly experience all of the things that Colorado has to offer. This incredible state is waiting - are you ready to explore what's out there?

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