Best Camping in Colorado for National Camping Month

by BlueMountain Self Storage

June is National Camping Month, and there's no better time to explore the best of everything Colorado's campgrounds have to offer. Here are some of the best ideas for where to camp in Colorado, as well as helpful tips for camping in Colorado!

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Best Camping Areas in Colorado 

Colorado is packed with camping areas to suit every preference, but stunning views and unique amenities make some stand out. Here are three popular options for where to find the best camping in Colorado!

Rocky Mountain National Park 

Colorado may be best known for its portion of the Rocky Mountains, and you have countless options for camping in the Rockies. Moraine Park Campground is a favorite among both locals and visitors when it comes to camping in Colorado's mountains. This scenic campground offers picturesque views of Longs Peak and other mountains, and its amphitheater and Discovery Center provide additional opportunities for learning about the mountains and other nature-related topics. Although this campground offers more basic sites and fewer other amenities than many other campgrounds in the Rockies feature, it is an excellent choice for campers that are primarily looking for the simplicity of stunning views. 

Chatfield State Park Campground

Whether you live in the Denver area or are looking for a unique way to combine your camping trip with a visit to the city, Chatfield State Park Campground may be the perfect solution. This park is nestled just outside Denver and features plenty of options for swimming, boating, fishing, cross-country skiing, and hiking. This campground also features options for horseback riding, skating, wildlife watching, model airplane flying, photography, and other unique activities that you will not find at most other Colorado campgrounds.

Cottonwood Pass

This campground is located near Buena Vista, Cottonwood Hot Springs, and other scenic Colorado gems. Cottonwood Pass features a wide range of hiking and biking trails, boating, fishing, a cafe, and access to two of the area's most popular hot springs:  Cottonwood and Mount Princeton.  

Things to Consider When Camping in Colorado

Being prepared is a must when taking advantage of Colorado's scenic campgrounds. Here are some of the most important things to know about camping in the Colorado area!

Weather Is Unpredictable 

Colorado's mountains and centralized location mean that it can experience extreme temperatures at any time of year, which can make planning your camping trip more challenging. The region can experience excessively warm or cold temperatures during both typical and unusual months, as well as snow well into the late spring or even summer. This means that keeping an eye on the forecast in advance of your camping trip is a month, as well as bringing plenty of clothing and other gear that is appropriate for the weather. 

Be Aware of Wildlife 

Most Colorado campgrounds are in areas where a wide range of wildlife live, which means that knowing how to act appropriately around them is a must. This can include everything from understanding steps your campground takes to keep bears away to being aware that other types of wildlife can be enjoyed from a distance but should also be left alone. 

Understand Pass or Permit Requirements

Many state and national parks require campers to have some type of permit or pass in addition to their camping reservation. This fee may be per person or per vehicle, and you will want to find out what these expectations look like in advance.  

Choose Federal Lands for Budget Camping

Many of Colorado's campgrounds are relatively affordable, but the state is also home to thousands of acres of land that are owned by the Bureau of Land Management. This space offers a free dispersed camping option, although there are significant limitations on the types of amenities that are available. Some options with no amenities are also available, many of which can only be reached by hiking, biking, or on horseback.

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