A College Student’s Guide to Summer Storage

by BlueMountain Self Storage

Summer storage is a great way for college students in Colorado to save time and reduce stress during move-ins and move-outs each semester. It also keeps dorm rooms and student housing decluttered from bulky seasonal items, such as winter snowboarding gear or unused textbooks. But failing to pack properly, or choosing a storage facility that doesn't meet your needs, can cause more headaches than a late-night exam. If you want to keep your belongings safe and secure and make it easier to find and unpack your items when you need them next, you'll want to do a bit of homework ahead of time.

3 Reasons College Students Should Consider Summer Storage in Colorado

There are numerous benefits to taking advantage of summer storage as a college student, but three benefits consistently rank at the top of the class.

1. More Space in Dorms and Student Housing

Small spaces tend to accumulate clutter quickly, so opting for a summer storage unit gives you access to more space when it's needed. This is especially helpful if you are staying in town during summer break and want to clear out space. For example, many college students in Colorado pack up and store last semester's academic materials, small household goods, and even seasonal gear they use to take advantage of Colorado's great outdoors but don't need in their living space during the summer (e.g., snowboards, skis, winter coats, snowshoes, etc.).

2. Security and Peace of Mind

College students don't always want to keep their expensive items in their dorm rooms or in on-campus housing all year long due to theft and possible property damage risks. In fact, in a survey of students at the University of Colorado, safety and security were one of the most common housing concerns for students. A secure storage unit, such as one with onsite security or 24/7 video monitoring, gives you peace of mind about the safety of your belongings during the school year and during summer break.

3. Easier Move-Ins and Move-Outs Each Semester

Research has found that moving and relocating are the top sources of stress for students. Summer storage can help. Having a single place throughout your years in college where you keep all your college necessities, household items, and seasonal gear, makes move-ins and move-outs a breeze each semester. Rather than having to drive your belongings to and from home, or asking a roommate or friend to help store your items, you can pack and store all your stuff in just one trip. Likewise, if you're changing dorms or student housing next semester, knowing all of your items are in one spot makes move-ins quick and easy.

Tips for Packing and Storing

1. Make a List

Before you begin packing up your summer storage items, create a detailed list of what needs to go into storage. This will help keep you from making multiple trips and forgetting something important.

2. Pack Items Properly

Take an extra minute to make sure all your belongings are packed properly using newspaper, bubble wrap, or other cushioning material. For added protection and security, opt for heavy-duty containers (e.g., plastic bins with lids) instead of flimsy cardboard boxes. This ensures that breakable or fragile items remain safe during storage, and also makes it easier to pack and transport your stuff.

3. Label All Boxes

Sort all of your items into categories and store them together. For example, you might have one box reserved for textbooks and one box reserved for winter coats, scarves, and gloves. Then, clearly label the box on all sides with what's inside. This will save you a lot of time when you need to bring something out of storage and prevents you from having to dig through boxes to find one or two things you want.

4. Choose The Right Storage Facility

While some college students might opt to store their items at the home of a friend or family member, many students instead go the self-store facility route. Self-storage facilities offer professional, convenient summer storage, but not all storage facilities offer the same benefits and services. Don't just choose a facility based solely on location or price. Just like the planning and research you did when selecting which college to attend, knowing what to look for in a storage facility is key.

How to Choose the Right Storage Facility in Colorado

1. Select a 24/7 Secure Facility

Finding the right storage facility in Colorado starts with asking some questions:

  • Is there 24/7 access to your unit?
  • How will your items be kept safe and secure while in storage?
  • Does the facility use state-of-the-art security measures, such as onsite security and video surveillance cameras? 

The best self-storage options in Colorado offer all of the above. For example, at BlueMountain Self Storage, college students are protected at multiple levels:

  • High-definition cameras which are recording 24/7, complete with night vision and motion detection
  • Smart technology that logs your storage unit's activity, including a smart entry app where you can view all activity in and out of your unit
  • Notifications when your storage unit is locked or unlocked 
  • Smart, 24/7 fire protection where each unit is individually monitored with temperature detectors and overhead fire sprinklers

2. Ensure the Facility Offers Climate- Controlled Storage Rooms

If you plan on storing items for the summer in Colorado, make sure the facility has climate-controlled storage rooms. As you well know, Colorado's weather experiences dramatic swings in temperature and humidity from day to night and throughout each season. Without proper humidity and temperature controls, your stored items can be exposed to extreme temperature changes, moisture, and condensation — all of which can damage your items. Investing in a climate-controlled storage room is worth the investment. 

3. Pick the Right Storage Unit Size

When selecting a storage unit size, always overestimate how much space you'll need:

  • Look at all your stuff and estimate how many boxes it will take
  • Multiple this estimate by at least two—you always have more than you think

An 8x10 storage unit is comparable to a deep walk-in closet, and that may be plenty if you're in a dorm. A 10x10 space may advertise as big enough to hold the contents of a two-bedroom student apartment, but keep in mind that this estimate is based on storage boxes and some household furniture. Bicycles and other outdoor gear will take up more room.

BlueMountain Offers Secure, Budget-Friendly Summer Storage for Colorado's Students

With commercial storage space, you have easy access to your textbooks, dorm items, and seasonal gear without cluttering up your apartment or taking up valuable space in your college dorm. And the best self-storage options, such as those offered by BlueMountain Self Storage, offer 24/7 security and a 100% climate-controlled indoor environment to keep your stuff safe. Need a storage unit this summer? Contact BlueMountain Self Storage today to learn about our self-storage locations in Parker, CO, and Loveland, CO.

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