5 Ways to Organize a Self-Storage Unit for Frequent Access

by BlueMountain Self Storage

A self-storage unit comes in handy when you are moving, looking to downsize your home or need a temporary space for your household items, these storage units save the day.

However, for ease of access to your items while in storage, it is wise to organize them correctly. In this article, we will discuss five of the easiest and most practical ways to help organize your storage unit.

What Is the Best Way to Organize a Storage Unit?

1. Analyze and Prepare Your Storage Unit

When you visit a storage unit center, they will advise on the right storage size depending on the number of items. The first thing to do is to analyze the room's features. Check to see if they have shelves that help in organization. If they don't, you can fix your own, either plastic or wooden shelves, depending on the weight of your items.

Another crucial preparation is placing pallets on the floor. Pallets help avoid wetting your property in case of spills. 

2. Use Same-Size Boxes

When packing your items for storage, do it in uniform packages, preferably in small or medium boxes. Large boxes are great, but they are not the best for storing heavy items and they might be difficult to stack.

Small boxes, on the other hand, might not fit most of your property. However, you can mix the small boxes with the middle-sized boxes. Also, for better stacking, ensure to fill up the box to avoid losing its shape or collapsing. 

3. Know What Items You Will Need Most

When organizing, arrange from the furthest end towards the entrance. Place items you are less likely to use at the furthest end and the ones you are most likely to need closer to the door. For instance, you are most likely to frequently use seasonal clothes (summer and winter), holiday decorations, cookware, and hobby tools. You should place these items well within reach.

4. Create a Master List

It is wise to list down the contents of every box. Attach a list of the contents of every box on the side and top of each box. Also, give each box a unique number for proper recording. It might sound tasking, but it makes it easy to locate something when you're in need of it.

Once you have your boxes and contents listed, create a master list with all the numbers of the boxes plus their contents. If you don't like typing or writing all this down, some apps can record the data for you through voice. Keep a copy of the information safely and print out a copy and keep it well in your storage unit. The master list is also excellent, especially when getting insurance for your items.

5. Make Aisles in Your Unit

If you plan to make frequent visits to your units, creating paths that allow access is advisable. You can do this by grouping your items when packing and stacking. For instance, let the furniture stay on one side and boxes on the other side, leaving a middle path. Also, if possible, disassemble your furniture.

As for the boxes, group them in sections when stacking. For instance, let kitchenware be in a particular space, then create a path before stacking up other boxes.

Why Choose Blue Mountain?

Blue Mountain Self Storage offers some of the most modern self-storage facilities for residents of Parker and Loveland, Colorado. Using Bluetooth technology and customer-friendly apps, you can access your property anytime and keep track of its security. Our friendly and efficient staff are always ready to guide you. Contact us today for all your storage needs.

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