4 Benefits of Renting A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

by BlueMountain Self Storage

Basic self-storage may work for various yard, household, and business items, but not for such things such as arts, musical instruments, and clothes, among other sensitive possessions and things that you want to ensure the safety of. That’s where climate-controlled storage units come in handy. You won’t have to worry about heat waves or cold fronts damaging any property you have stored away thanks to the controlled, consistent environment presented through climate-controlled units. 

Here are some of the advantages of renting a climate-controlled storage unit.

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1. Protection Against Extreme Temperatures

In Colorado (and most places) temperatures vary greatly from season to season and even week to week. Some days are scorchers and some bring freezing temps. Protecting sensitive belongings from extreme weather conditions becomes important, especially when you have things that are sensitive to temperatures or that you want to protect. 

Exposure of your belongings to frequent temperature changes can cause cracking, warping, or splitting in certain items.

Additionally, the highs and lows of temperature changes can damage items like books, business records, and fine art. 

Climate-controlled storage units provide an environment with the right temperatures where you can keep sensitive items safe for an extended period. Some of the things you can preserve in a climate-controlled storage unit include:

  • Vinyl records
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Musical instruments
  • Important records
  • Mattresses
  • Electronics
  • Books and magazines

2. Access to Better Air Quality


Most individuals rarely prioritize air quality when looking for storage units, yet it is an essential factor of consideration. The sealing on a standard storage unit is not the same as that of an indoor climate-controlled unit. 

Also, air circulation in the latter is continuous, which means that the atmosphere inside such a storage unit remains clean and fresh.

In turn, that will not only protect your belongings but your lungs as well whenever you spend time searching for something in the climate-controlled storage unit. Air quality should be a top consideration when seeking storage for sensitive documents and electronics.

3. Acts As An Additional Barrier from Dust and Debris

In most cases, you will find climate-controlled storage units inside buildings with sealing and insulation on the roofs, floors, and walls. That implies that these units are less susceptible to dirt and minor flooding because they remain indoors. Also, the chances of rodents and insects finding their way inside a climate-controlled storage unit are less.

4. Allows You to Enjoy Peace of Mind

Worrying about the safety of your sensitive items or possessions due to weather-related mishaps and harsh climatic conditions can make you restless. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit allows you to enjoy peace of mind because you are confident the things you store in such a facility are safe.

For more information about climate-controlled self-storage units and how they can help you protect your belongings, contact us today.

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