15 Moving Tips and Tricks for a Less Stressful Move

by BlueMountain Self Storage

If you plan to move to a new location, you want a seamless move and this is possible if you plan well. It is best to learn tricks and tips that will make the move seamless. Read on to learn the various tricks that will help you move swiftly. 

Effective and Easier Moving Tips

1. Set the Moving Date

Before you contact a mover, it is best to have a fixed moving date to avoid inconveniences. However, if you change the date for some reason, you should inform the mover earlier to enable them to change their schedule. 

2. Cut Back on Clutter

Several things in your home might have lost value, and you may no longer need them. You can decide to remove the non-essential items and decide what to do with them. This will create more space for valuable things when moving. 

3. Consider Short-Term Storage

In some cases, you might have more items that you can't give away or sell, but you may still not be sure that you need them. In this case, you can look for a storage company to help you store the items as you think about whether you need them or not. 

4. Look for Packing Supplies

If you have packing items in your home, you may only need to buy more if what you have isn't enough. All you need is to ensure that the items will be safe until you get to your new location. 

5. Pack Earlier

Packing items when moving is the most stressful thing. This is why you should begin packing as early as possible to avoid the last-minute rush. Start putting together items in different packages as you label them well to avoid confusion when you get to your new location. 

6. Take Photos of the Packaging

Whether you have many items or not, it is imperative to take photos of your packaging and follow up later once you arrive at your destination. You want to ensure that you quickly identify each box. 

7. Hire a Moving Service

If you plan to hire a mover, consider booking early to avoid paying higher prices or failing to get a mover at all. Look for a professional mover that can handle your items well. 

8. Determine Your Budget

If you plan to hire a mover, set aside a budget you are comfortable with. The charges depend on the mover, quantity, quality of your items, distance to your new location, among other factors. When speaking to the mover, ask their budget and see if you can afford it. 

9. Check Utilities at Your New Place 

It is imperative to check with the utility service provider at your new location. This will help you get the services once you move into your new location. You do not want to reach there and find that water and electricity are off. 

10. Pack Snacks 

Carry snacks on the day of the move, especially when traveling for a long distance. The whole process can be draining, and you want to ensure that you have the energy to deal with the unpacking process at the new location. 

11. Let Your Mover Handle Some Tasks

When looking for a mover, you should ask what tasks they handle. Some movers offer additional services at a fee. This will help you avoid wasting time and making informed decisions. 

Unpacking Tips at Your New Location

12. Plan Your Time

Unpacking can take more time if you do not plan well. Ensure you set a time limit to unpack the items so that you arrange your home and focus on other things. However, do not overdo this if you feel tired. 

13. Begin with Fragile Items

If you have fragile items such a piano, a TV, and glass objects, it is best to unpack them first. Remove the items from the track and keep them in a separate room. You may need to arrange them later when done with the unpacking. 

14. Clear Boxes 

Now that you've unpacked all your items, you should remove the empty boxes from your house. You can keep the good ones and dispose of the torn pieces to avoid clutter. 

15. Arrange Your New Home

Once you have everything inside your house, arrange it well according to your preference. You can involve your family members to help you organize and clean up. 

Plan Well and Move Swiftly

Applying the tips above can help you move smoothly to your new location and get settled within a short while. Are you planning to move? We can help you. We offer multiple moving services, including storage. Contact us today for more information. 

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