10 Spring Cleaning Tips You Should Know

by BlueMountain Self Storage

Everyone loves spending their spring season giving their home a good deep clean. However, you must consider several aspects to ensure you’re cleaning properly and effectively. Here are 10 spring cleaning tips you can consider to make your spring cleaning successful. 

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Schedule Your Cleaning 

It's easier to handle spring cleaning with a schedule in place. A good spring cleaning schedule should include areas that need the most work and where you should skip during routine cleaning. You should also break your cleaning into small tasks and assign them in minutes. 

For instance, depending on your flexibility, you can assign yourself three 10-minute tasks daily or one 30-minute task. Your phone timer can help you set your time, start cleaning, and stop once it goes off. Remember to get back to your list to check off your chore of the day once the timer goes off. 

Make Your All-Natural Cleanser

Adopting all-natural cleansers is one of the best ways to tackle spring cleaning. This helps save your money on synthetic cleaners and supports your efforts to go green. You can make an all-natural cleanser with ingredients available in your home. Here's a simple recipe that can get you started: 


  • ¾ cup water 
  • ¾ rubbing alcohol 
  • 1 squirt of natural dish soap 
  • 5 to 10 drops of orange essential oil, lemon, or peppermint 


  • Mix all these ingredients in a spray bottle and shake 
  • Use the mixture to spray on surfaces and wipe with a clean cloth 

Declutter your Space 

A cluttered space can be a stressor. Therefore, focus on decluttering your space, especially if you spend most of your time in your home office. Some of the helpful spring cleaning tips and tricks that you can use while decluttering your space are as follows: 

  • Organize your closet
  • Remove all the junk from your desk drawers 
  • Dust and organize all the stuff in your office 

Utilize a HEPA- certified Vacuum Cleaner 

A HEPA-certified vacuum cleaner is one of the best spring cleaning supplies you can have. This equipment will help you catch those tiny airborne particles that can trigger allergy symptoms. If you cannot find a HEPA vacuum, look for one with attachments such as crevice tools, hoses, and dusting brushes. 

Bring Everyone on Board 

Bringing everyone living in your home for spring cleaning makes this process easy. After all, they're all living in your home and would benefit from the cleaning. Younger kids can help with smaller tasks like dusting floor vents or baseboards, while older kids and your spouse handle more demanding tasks like cleaning the bathroom. 

Don't Forget Your Kitchen Cabinets 

Your kitchen cabinets can build dust and grime over time, especially if you don't run the exhaust hood over the range while cooking to keep grease from settling. To remove the grease, look for high-quality cabinet cream like the Parker and Bailey brands to cut through the dirt and leave the wood well-moisturized. 

Your Refrigerator Needs Attention Too 

It's easier to overlook your refrigerator during spring cleaning, but it needs attention from its inside and outside. The best tip for spring cleaning your refrigerator is to remove its shelving and wash them with soapy water. You should then wipe down all the unremovable surfaces with a sponge before returning the shelving. 

Don't Forget the Overlooked Surfaces

Spring cleaning brings an opportunity to address surfaces that are overlooked regularly. This includes the door frames, your walls, and the baseboard. Wash these surfaces with a sponge and a mix of your all-natural cleanser and warm water. 

Your Fabrics Need a Cleaning Too 

Every house has different fabrics, from carpets and curtains to bedding and they all use different cleaning methods. Carpets require deep cleaning so you may want to rent a deep cleaner or follow this DIY carpet cleaning process. Things like your bedding are easier to handle since they can be thrown into the washing machine.

Keep Your Trash Clean 

Your kitchen trash bin should not maintain its foul smell even after removing all the trash. Here are some of the spring cleaning tips that can help you keep your trash clean: 

  • Wash it regularly with water while scrubbing it down with a sponge or a microfiber cloth 
  • Add dryer sheets once it's dry 
  • Sprinkle baking soda to absorb odors 

The above tips can help you easily handle your spring cleaning and ensure its effectiveness. However, some of your things can get in your way and make this process challenging. This calls for a storage unit where you can keep everything you don't need. If you need an accessible and secure storage unit in Parker and Loveland, CO, Blue Mountain Self Storage can help. Contact us today!

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